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Hey! 👋 Please help me figure it out 🙂 Context: • we start testing the GrowthBook to conduct experiments in a web + mobile product • data source - Mixpanel • product onboarding in the web funnel can be configured through a feature in the GrowthBook (JSON with wording and screen descriptions) • experimenting between two onboarding variations Questions: 1. What are the naming rules for Variation ID? Can it be a string or does it have to be a number? 2. Can we make variations in one experiment consisting of changes in several features? Thanks in advance bows
1. it can be anything. We default to integers if you use the feature flags to start the experiment, but it doesn’t matter. 2. Yes, you can- as long as the experiment id doesn’t change, users will get bucketed in to the same variation. Therefore, you can use multiple assignment calls and it will always get the same, and you can include multiple features.
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@fresh-football-47124 Thank you! bows And how can we get the Variation ID string value via SDK? We try this and get 0 or 1 in return