Hello! I'm just getting started with GrowthBook an...
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Hello! I'm just getting started with GrowthBook and immediately ran into an issue with connecting to BigQuery/GA4! 😄 I believe I've followed the instruktions but can't connect to BQ from GrowthBook. 😞 When trying to connect I get:
Access Denied: Project tandlakare-se-prod: User does not have bigquery.jobs.create permission in project tandlakare-se-prod.
Even though the user (service account) has the
BigQuery Job User
role. What am I missing? 🙏
Hi Mattias
that’s interesting - BigQuery Job User has the bigquery.jobs.create role
do you have multiple projects?
Yes, we do. Is that an issue?
...and Hi, Graham! (sorry for my bad manners 😇 ).
I’m just wondering if it’s a typo - because I saw that one had capital PROD
and if you had multiple projects with similar names (I’m not sure if case matters in BigQuery projects)
Well depends on if it's the project NAME or project ID that is used. 🤔 id's are lower case only as far as I understand.
But judging from the BigQuery view it should be the "lower case" case (pun intended) 😉
I’ll take a look at the code - perhaps we have a bug
I don’t see anything obviously wrong
@future-teacher-7046 do you know?
Thanks! 🙏
The email addresses in the JSON key file don't seem to match. It's showing growthbook-io@, but the GCP console is showing growthbook-io-analytics@.
That is true! How is that possible? 😄
Seems I've messed something up in IAM! 🤔
Massive thanks @future-teacher-7046 for spotting that! 🙏