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Hi Growthbook team, @fresh-football-47124 @future-teacher-7046 Our team has been working to integrate Growthbook on our digital platforms (Web and Apps) to run A/B experiments . To analyse the experiments we'll run via Growthbook and track funnel metrics, we would require Experiment events (Experiment ID, user ID, variation type etc.) to be passed to our Analytics tool i.e. MoEngage as it'll be very convenient for us to track user journeys here. Can Growthbook pass these events/variables to our analytics tool via some kind of a Webhook, as mentioned in the documentation? Help me if I'm wrong but defining metrics in Growthbook's dashboard might get too tedious for us, given that we've already been passing all our events data to an Analytics tool!? Please let me know about this feasibility so that we can go ahead with onboarding GB as an experimentation set-up on our digital platforms. In case something is required from our end for this integration, can you please share those requirements as well?
Hi Sahil - we have the tracking callback where you can pass that information to any analytics tool
we have some experiment information available in that callback
if you need to enrich that data, you can grab the list of features and rules using the API