I have the most basic getting started question. I'...
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I have the most basic getting started question. I'm following https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/blob/main/CONTRIBUTING.md but getting "MongoDB connection error." and "AuthenticationFailed" on step 8,
yarn dev
. I understand that the username of "root" and the password of "password" are already set correctly in the code that I forked, correct? I'm pretty new to programming on actual projects, thank you for your patience.
Hi, lets make sure the docker image for mongo is up and working
or are you installing mongo a different way?
You can check what the settings are in packages/back-end/.env.local
you should see
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# MongoDB
Thank you for your quick response
It's through Docker
I was in packages/back-end looking around earlier and had opened .env.example.
Are you talking about here: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/tree/main/packages/back-end? Because I don't see .env.local
yes, we don’t check in the local environment variables
but you can copy the .example to .local
Do you mean create a file .env.local in the same folder as .env.example and copy the contents?
I did that and got the same error. There must be something simple that I'm missing. I'll stop bugging you and read about it with the new information I have now. Thank you.