Hi We have started using GB recently, but I can n...
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Hi We have started using GB recently, but I can not get the results from the experiments to show. It is stuck on "No data yet. Click the "Update" button above." We are self hosting GB. However I also have it set up on my local machine with the same metrics and experiment, and there I do see the results. I have checked the query and it is working. The results are also stored in our mongoDB. Finally I do get to see the graphs for the metrics so there does not seem to be a general problem with the rendering of graphs. I can not see any error messages that would help narrow down the problem Is there anything else I should try?
Hi Sara
I would suggest going to view the queries
and see if they are different between the two
there might be some small differences that are causing it, like a date range or experiment name that are wrong
I checked that previously as well. But to make sure I now checked again and there is no difference between the queries.
happy to jump on a call to help you debug if you like
DM me