Is it possible to book a video meeting with anyone...
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Is it possible to book a video meeting with anyone to help with my issue? Im getting
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for my a/b test experiment results. We have 6 days left in the trial and would love to get it working before then!
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Our official support hours are 6:30am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. You may occasionally hear from us outside of these hours. Your support request has been logged in our system. Our support team will get back to you very soon!
Hi, I’ve got your support request in my queue and I’ll follow up as soon as I can
thank you
I'll send you a DM with a Calendly link to book some time
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Hi Noa, just following up on this. Were you able to book a time for a call? Let me know if it's OK to close this support request now 🙂
Hey yes sorry, I made a change on Monday and it finally showed results mid Tuesday
good to close
Oh that's great news! Glad to hear! Ok, I'll close this out. Please let us know if other questions arise so we can help 🙂