Hi, what’s the difference between `existing a/b ex...
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Hi, what’s the difference between
existing a/b experiment
new a/b experiment
when setting up a new a/b rule?
Hi Alice, thanks for reaching out. Could you send a screenshot of where you're seeing this in the GrowthBook dashboard? Please include as much surrounding detail as possible. Thanks!
Understood. Here, when I am trying to create A/B experiment, I have an option of “new” or “existing”, I am curious to know the differences between them.
Here is an existing A/B experiment, which looks a bit different from what we used to have, which is just “A/B experiment”, no naming of “new” or “existing”
Ah OK, I understand now, thanks for sending the screenshots! You would choose "New Experiment" if you are using GrowthBook to start an entirely new experiment from scratch within our platform. You would choose "Existing Experiment" if you already had data stored in your data warehouse from a prior experiment that you wanted to import into GrowthBook just for analysis purposes. So, using GrowthBook for metrics and such but not the actual definition and execution of the experiment. You can learn a bit more about this in our docs here: https://docs.growthbook.io/app/experiment-configuration#adding-an-experiment Does this help clear things up?