Hello! I'm interested in GrowthBook (although I ha...
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Hello! I'm interested in GrowthBook (although I haven't used it yet), and I have some questions. Previously, I used Google Optimize, and I'm curious about how things work in GrowthBook. 1. In Google Optimize, making changes to the interface had a specific impact when these changes were applied to the website. For instance: • Text changes, HTML changes, and order changes were applied only when the final tag of the modified element was parsed (e.g., </div>). • Attribute and style changes only required the opening tag (e.g., <div class="main-container">). • Script changes followed user settings. I found that the most effective approach for me was to inject global CSS styles or JavaScript scripts. Can you tell me how this process works in GrowthBook?
you can do any of these with the visual editor as you did in optimize
if you’re technical, you can make changes using code and run experiments that way
I understand this, but I'm curious about how my changes affect the user experience. I don't want my changes to become visible immediately upon application to the site, so I'd like to know at what point the changes mentioned above take effect (I want to avoid the flickering effect).
Hello Mario 👋 Users of the Pro or Enterprise plans are able to schedule features: https://docs.growthbook.io/app/features-old#scheduling-features Would that solve your use case?