Hello team, I created a feature to run some A/B ex...
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Hello team, I created a feature to run some A/B experiments on it, it has multiple override rules with an A/B experiment for each rule to target a specific country for each experiment, my problem is I noticed that all the experiments have the same amount of users and the same results for each country, is there something wrong with my implementation? I wanted to test the same feature with multiple experiments for each target country, thank you in advance for your help.
How are you figuring out which country each user is in?
I pass it to the growthbook attributes in my code, it's saved in the cookies and the url
I've been using the same logic for all experiments but it was one experiment per feature, this is the first time targeting multiple countries (so multiple experiments) on one feature
can you show me the targeting rules?
perhaps there is something strange there
that looks correct
you're tracking every experiment with the same tracking key
so the data will all be mixed together
you can either set a new tracking key for each experiment
or make sure you're passing country in the tracking call back (or have some other way to get country to your db) and then use segments or dimensions to analyze the results by country
ohhh that's right, thank you so much for the help 👍